Graphite & Glass

Rod Rating Designations and Abbreviations


Rod Rating Designations and Abbreviations

(M) Mint - Appears to be new/unused

(NM) Near Mint or As New - As above with minor noted exceptions

(EXC) Excellent - Shows signs of light to medium use

(VG) Very Good - Shows signs of normal to heavy use

(G) Good - May be fishable as is, but likely needs work

(F) Fair - Needs work prior to being fished

(RS) Restored - Original hardware/specifications were used

(RF) Refinished - Non-original hardware and/or specifications were used

Other Abbreviations:

C&R - Cap & Ring

D/L'ing - Down Locking

HK - Hook Keeper

N/S - Nickel Silver

S/B - Slide Band

U/L'ing - Up Locking

WC - Winding Check

Current Inventory Of Graphite & Glass Rods

The graphite & glass rods listed below are available for purchase (unless noted otherwise in the description).  The rods are listed by length first, then alphabetically by the maker. You can click on the item photo to enlarge it. A sale pending tag denotes that an agreement to purchase the item has been reached, but the sale may not yet have been completed.

I update the website frequently so bookmark it and check back often. Make sure to hit your browser's refresh/reload button to get the most up-to-date info. If you are looking for a particular item and don't see it, drop me a note and I will check around for you. Also, please don't hesitate to email with any questions. Trades are always considered.