Graphite & Glass

Rod Rating Designations and Abbreviations


Rod Rating Designations and Abbreviations

(M) Mint - Appears to be new/unused

(NM) Near Mint or As New - As above with minor noted exceptions

(EXC) Excellent - Shows signs of light to medium use

(VG) Very Good - Shows signs of normal to heavy use

(G) Good - May be fishable as is, but likely needs work

(F) Fair - Needs work prior to being fished

(RS) Restored - Original hardware/specifications were used

(RF) Refinished - Non-original hardware and/or specifications were used

Other Abbreviations:

C&R - Cap & Ring

D/L'ing - Down Locking

HK - Hook Keeper

N/S - Nickel Silver

S/B - Slide Band

U/L'ing - Up Locking

WC - Winding Check

Current Inventory Of Graphite & Glass Rods

The graphite & glass rods listed below are available for purchase (unless noted otherwise in the description).  The rods are listed by length first, then alphabetically by the maker. A sale pending tag denotes that an agreement to purchase the item has been reached, but the sale may not yet have been completed.

I update the website frequently so bookmark it and check back often. Make sure to hit your browser's refresh/reload button to get the most up-to-date info. If you are looking for a particular item and don't see it, drop me a note and I will check around for you. Also, please don't hesitate to email with any questions. Trades are always considered.

Phillipson Master Model G-MF60C ~ 6’ ~ 2pc.

Phillipson Master Model G-MF60C ~ 6’ ~ 2pc. ~ 1 7/8 oz. ~ HDH-HDG#6 ~ EXC ~ This sweet little Rocky Mountain-built glass rod appears features attractive yellow blanks, green/red jasper wraps tipped yellow with fancy open spiral accents, smooth and tight fitting N/S ferrules torpedo grip which continues down to form the cork seat that is fitted with black D/L’ing cap and ring hardware and also has a black wound-over WC and HK loop. The rod comes in a yellow bag and plaid fiber tube with gold and black Phillipson label. The model number is present on the top of the rubber rod cap. This wand is extremely light-in-the-hand and throws nice tight loops with a Cortland 444 Peach DT-3 and WF/DT-4, it’s factory rod-rating notwithstanding. What a super find on this model with low milage that will surely please the avid glass rod fan and/or Phillipson enthusiast. $350

J. Kennedy Fisher Universe ~ 7.5’~ 5pc ~ 5/6wt. / 9' 6pc. ~ 5/6wt.

J. Kennedy Fisher Universe ~ 7.5’~ 5pc ~ 5/6wt. / 9' 6pc. ~ 5/6wt. ~ As New ~ This long-time So. Cal-based business went out business in the 1990s after 7 decades of providing quality fishing gear. They developed a loyal customer base and also made rods for Hardy, Orvis and other fine fly fishing tackle giants. This multi-travel rod features dual butt sections, green sanded blanks, green wraps, chrome guides and spigot ferrules. The rod comes in its original blue nylon bag with paperwork and original labeled aluminum tube. This is the ultimate multi-piece pack rod that does not look like it has ever been fished. $395

Livingston Rod Co. (from Blank) ~ 7.5’ ~ 3pc.

Livingston Rod Co. (from Blank) ~ 7.5’ ~ 3pc ~ 3.3oz. ~ 4wt ~ NEW ~ This sweet little glass rod was custom built by Knoxville’s Rich Margiotta on a set of attractive light honey colored E-glass blanks supplied by Dusty Smith of Montana’s Livingston Rod Company. Mr. Smith designs rods specifically for the streams of Western Montana and Yellowstone Park. This one features tan-brown silk wraps tipped olive with black accents at the HK and female ferrule stations, Mildrum carbide stripper and black snakes and top. On the business end of the butt section you’ll find a comfortable cigar grip, custom finished Spanish cedar seat fitted with D/L’ing N/S cap and ring hardware, petite N/S grip and WC and a folding ring HK. It comes with a new tan twill bag with stiffener and hang tag and a blue coated aluminum tube with water-tite antiqued gray cap and collar. The comfortable, easy throwing medium action performs with a SA Mastery WF or DT-4 line and is in an ideal format for dry fly work. $395  $345

Phillipson EF76 ~ 7.5’ ~ 2pc.

Phillipson EF76 ~ 7.5’ ~ 2pc. ~ 3.7oz. ~ 5wt. EXC ~ This 3M era fiberglass classic comes from the Epoxite series which is well-known for high-density laminates and fine performance. It features a brown blank, brown wraps, chrome guides, spigot ferrules, comfortable cigar grip, bronze D/L’ing screw and slide hood aluminum seat and a HK loop. The rod comes with a light tan 2-compartment bag and Phillipson-labeled aluminum tube. I found the rod has a sweet medium action and an affinity for a Cortland 444 Peach WF-5 and DT-5. This lightly used wand will surely please the Phillipson aficionado and/or any glass rod enthusiast. $250

Wright & McGill Pack Rod ~ 7.5’~ 4pc.

Wright & McGill Pack Rod ~ 7.5’~ 4pc. ~ 7wt. ~ EXC+/As New ~ This sweet fiberglass rod from the famous Rocky Mountain maker features an attractive brown blank, black wraps with fancy open spiral white/black signature and stripping guide wraps, chrome stripper and tip-top, black snakes N/S ferrules, comfortable straight cork grip, and patented screw U/L’ing metal seat with makers name nicely stuck at the top.  The rod comes with a W/M issue tan bag and aluminum tube.  The rod fit inside the tube is tight.  The rod has a crisp action that is far superior to the more common spin/fly rod combo model.  This one is in like new condition and is a nice find for the glass rod enthusiast. $125 $75

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths ~ 7’9” ~ 2pc


Echo Edge 480-4x ~ 8’ ~ 4pc.

Echo Edge 480-4x ~ 8’ ~ 4pc. ~ 3oz. ~ 4wt. ~ EXC ~ From the maker… “This pleasurable trout class fly rod from Echo is a travel friendly 4 piece pack rod with a medium to fast action at a price that can't be beat. Features include: ultra durable blanks, TiCH stripper guides, premium grade cork, cordura rod case, rich wine gloss blank, single foot light weight snake guides, and a layered impregnated wood insert reel seat.” This comes with original labeled cordura covered tube with rod stats on the zippered cap. A great buy on a nice looking and easy-casting stick. $125

Garcia Conlon S-637 ~ 8’ ~ 2pc.

Garcia Conlon S-637 ~ 8’ ~ 2pc. ~ 4.2 oz. ~ 6/7wt. ~ EXC ~ This rod with the Conoguard sealed protection features an attractive silver blank, black wraps with silver accents, white ceramic stripper, chrome guides, black alloy ferrules. comfortable Wells grip, black metal seat with D/L’ing svrew and slide hood hardware and exposed black WC. No bag or tube. The medium action throws a sweet loop and will handle a 6 or 7 wt. line of your choosing. It will also throw 5 if asked and would be a good choice for trout or bass. $75

Orvis Boron/Graphite ~ 8’9” ~ 2pc.

Orvis Boron/Graphite ~ 8’9” ~ 2pc. ~ 3 3/4oz.~ 7wt. ~ Serial No. 0486 ~ EXC ~ This hard to find early Orvis Boron/Graphite classic from the Powerflex Series was built in April 1986 and features a gray unsanded blank, gray wraps, comfortable light wells grip and U/L’ing screw and slide hood seat with a figured cedar spacer. The butt section is shorter than the tip (made that way). The bottom of the butt cap carries the rod name and info. The rod comes in the original Orvis labeled bag and Orvis labeled aluminum tube. A wonderful find for the Orvis enthusiast that does not look like it has seen that much use $225

Sage Model 890-4DS ~ 9’ ~ 4pc.

Sage Model 890-4DS ~ 9’ ~ 4pc. ~ 4oz. ~ 8wt. ~ EXC ~ From Sage… “The Graphite II Discovery Series offers an updated, easy-to-cast action that's reliable and economical. They're also a long-lasting example of Sage's groundbreaking design technology. A derivative of the legendary "Reserve Power" action rod, the blank is made with the same design philosophy that brought the world its first high line speed, fast action rod — all at an affordable price without compromising quality.” This rod from the famous Bainbridge Island maker features attractive brown graphite II unsanded blanks, dark chocolate wraps, chrome guides, comfortable wells grip, black seat with black U/L’ing screw and slide hood hardware and fighting butt. The rod comes with original the original labeled bag and labeled cordura covered tube with rod stats on the zippered cap. A great buy on a nice looking and easy-casting stick. $150

Winston Air ~ 9' ~ 4pc

Winston Air ~ 9' ~ 4pc. ~ 3.6oz. ~ 6wt. ~ Serial No. 217759 ~ As New ~ Maker comments: “Winston designed this versatile freshwater rod series to be 'do-it-all' freshwater fly rods and refer to them as the 'Swiss Army Knife of fly rods'. A unique, progressive SuperSilica resin system keeps the rod lightweight, powerful, and dynamic. These classics stay true to the Winston brand with a medium/medium-fast action and delicate when you need them to be.” This quality made high-end graphite features the hallmark Winston deep green blank, chrome guides, light wells grip with tapered nose and attractive tiger stripe maple seat with N/S U/L’ing screw and slide hood hardware with company logo engraved into the bottom of the butt cap. The rod comes with original labeled bag and light carbon fiber tube with rod info on the cap. This sweet casting rod appears unfished and is being offered a long way south of its retail price. $595

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