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You will find Fly Reels, Fly Fishing Miscellany and Sporting Literature on this page that are available for purchase (unless noted otherwise in the description). A sale pending tag denotes that an agreement to purchase the item has been reached, but the sale may not yet have been completed.  I update the website frequently so bookmark the URL and check back often. Make sure to hit your browser's refresh/reload button if you are a frequent visitor to get the most up-to-date information. If you are looking for a particular item and don't see it, drop me a note and I will check around for you. Also, please don't hesitate to call (616) 884-5626 or email with any questions or offers. Trades are always encouraged!

Current Inventory of Fly Reels

Leather Reel Case

Item ID 18 ~ EXC  $49 Sale $29

Orvis Reel Case ~ Item 4

Orvis Reel Case ~ Item 4 ~ EXC ~ $19 Sale $10

**SOLD** Orvis Reel Case ~ Item 5

Orvis Reel Case ~ Item 5 ~ EXC ~ SOLD

**SOLD**Orvis Reel Case ~ Item 6

Orvis Reel Case ~ Item 6 ~ EXC ~ SOLD

**SOLD** Orvis Reel Case ~ Item 7

Orvis Reel Case Item 7 ~ EXC SOLD


Orvis Reel Case ~ Item 8

Orvis Reel Case Item 8 ~ EXC $19 **Sale Pending**

Teton Tioga 2 ~ 2 3/4”

Teton Tioga 2 ~ 2 3/4” ~ LHW/RHW ~ EXC ~  This neat little quality made reel from San Andreas, CA features a ventilated spool and frame, 2-screw foot, 2-screw quick release latch plate cover, black handle with silver counter-balance and a smooth working maintenance free patented brake system. It is presently loaded with backing and set up for LHW and comes with the original box, felt drawstring pouch, and paperwork.  A nice looking reel that balances well with bamboo rods. $125

HI Vernley Trout Reel ~ 2 7/8”

RHW ~ EXC ~ This pre ware bakelite classic from the famous Utica, NY tackle giant features metal gears, on/off clicker, doubled edges to prevent line wear, dual riveted metal foot and matching brown knob. the reel comes loaded with silk line that is in good shape, but could use some reconditioning. The reel is set up for RHW, but is useable as a LHW reel with the clicker in the off position. This cool looking reel would be well-suited for your short light line bamboo or glass rod. $49 SALE $35 **Sale Pending**

Hardy “The Perfect” ~ 2 7/8”

RHW ~ EXC ~ The Perfect is a high quality English-made classic from Hardy Bros which set the standard by which other reels are evaluated. This early model sans round line guard features a wonderful leaded patina, ventilated spool, duplicated Mark II check, rim-mounted silver drag tensioner screw, ribbed 2-screw brass foot and black handle. It comes Hardy labeled leather zippered case and is loaded with vintage silk line. The silky smooth drag system gives that indelible Hardy Perfect purr on retrieve. This reel will surely be an elegant complement to your finest bamboo rod. $695 SALE $625

Lamson Velocity 1.5 ~ 3”

Lamson Velocity 1.5 ~ 3” ~ LHW/RHW ~ EXC ~ This quality-made large arbor reel was machined from 6061 aluminum and features an attractive silver-gray anodized finish, counter balanced spool with black knob, strategically placed center drag control, and a silky smooth sealed conical drag system. The clutch assembly, gland cap and dust cap were replaced by Lamson in 2018 (receipt included). The reel is presently set up for LHW and comes with the original box, maintenance/warranty pamphlet and Lamson-labeled neoprene case. $150

Ross San Miguel Two, 25th Anniversary ~ 3"

LHW/RHW ~ Serial No. 117/250 ~ New ~ These collectors-grade reels were given as gifts by Ross to dealers in 1998 to celebrate their 25th anniversary. The limited run of 250 reels were custom-made in an elegant silver-gray (pewter) finish and are fully machined from aerospace grade aluminum and feature a ventilated, perfectly balanced spool and frame with exposed rim palming and silky smooth friction-based drag system that is impervious to heat, compression, glazing, aging and crumbling. It is presently set up for LHW with silent retrieve and has that quality Ross click on line pay. The reel comes with original box, neoprene case, blank warranty card, instruction manual and commemorative dealer letter. The complete package is becoming harder to find. Superb! $795 SALE $625

STH 1.5 MR POP ~ 3 1/8”

STH 1.5 MR POP ~ 3 1/8” ~ LHW ~ EXC- ~ This reel from the famous Argentina maker features an injection molded steel matte black finished ventilated frame and spool, 2-screw foot, 2-screw quick-release latch plate cover, a silky-smooth drag system with black tensioner screw with knurled edges for positive grip centrally located on the back plate, impregnated wood handle, and the functionality of the POP Cassette system. $59

**SOLD** Herter’s Model No. 707 ~ 3 1/4”

LHW/RHW ~ EXC- ~ This was the great old American Icon “Herter’s” effort in offering a quality fly reel (German built by D.A.M.). It features a grey frame and finish, ventilated silver spool, 2-screw foot, dual black winding knobs, and a drag tensioner that is centrally-mounted on the spool. It is most unique in that is has a reversible agate line guard that can be switched to accommodate right or left hand wind (presently set for RHW). The smoky white agate is in perfect condition (no cracks/chips.). There is some minor foot and edge wear. The strong click drag has an on/off knob mounted on the back for free spool use. It comes in its original labeled box with instruction manual. SOLD


Leeda LC 80 ~ 3 1/4"

Leeda LC 80 & Extra Spool ~ 3 1/4” ~ LHW/RHW ~ As New ~ This lightweight reel was made in England by BFR and designed for the budget-minded angler. It appears to be unfished and features a matte black finish, quick-release ventilated gray plastic spool with red trim, drag adjustment knob, and a smooth retrieve with a strong sounding check. Presently set up for LHW. The reel and extra spool each come in their original box with paperwork. $75

Ross Flywater 2 ~ 3 1/4”

Ross Flywater 2 ~ 3 1/4” ~ LHW/RHW ~ EXC- ~ This reel was crafted from high grade aluminum and comes in the electrostatically coated black finish.  It features  a ventilated exposed spool for palming, maintenance-free self-lubricating synthetic drag with a seamless transition from line in and drag engagement, quick release spool and centrally located drag adjuster.  The reel is loaded with backing and is currently set up for LHW.  It comes with the original box, original neoprene case with old school Ross labeling and warranty and maintenance pamphlet. $75

Hardy “The St. George ~ 3 3/8"

Hardy “The St. George ~ 3 3/8" ~ RHW ~ EXC- ~ This Hardy Bros. classic features that classic gray frame and ventilated spool, straight line writing on the back, crack-free milky white agate line guide housed in nickel silver ring with Pat stamp on bottom of ring, silver drag tension adjuster screw, small gray ebonite winding knob with alloy post, dual-riveted straight silver foot, 2-screw latch plate cover and a silky smooth dual pawl drag. The frame has some edge wear. The reel comes in the blue/cream Hardy labeled zip case This is a quality-made reel that would look great on any bamboo fly rod. $250

Alex Martin “The Thistle” ~ 3 3/8”

RHW ~EXC ~ This sweet and rarely-seen Alex Martin branded reel is believed to be patterned after a JW Young 16A and is much in the Hardy Perfect tradition. It features a wonderful leaded patina, ventilated spool, rim-mounted silver drag tensioner screw, round red agate line guard, and smooth 2-screw brass foot. I noted two tiny divots on the edge of the metal line guard housing. It comes in a vintage leather zippered case. The silky smooth drag system gives a sweet purr on retrieve. This reel will compliment to your finest bamboo rods nicely. $525 SALE $475

LL Bean Guide Series Model 100 ~ 3 1/2”

LHW/RHW ~ EXC+ ~ This workhorse reel was made in England for LL Bean and features an attractive forest green finish, quick-release ventilated spool, brass drag tensioner screw, and a silky smooth reversible dual click and pawl drag system (presently set up for RHW). There is some light spool play that does not affect performance. The reel comes in its original styrofom clam shell and labeled slide through box. $175 SALE $99

H. Monk ~ 3 1/2”

RHW ~ EXC ~ This sweet and rarely-seen reel is branded H. Monk ~ Gun Maker ~ Chester and is believed to have been built by Dingley. It features a wonderful patina, solid stock spool and frame, round red agate line guard, and smooth 2-screw brass foot. It comes in a Crown Royal pull string satchel and is loaded with vintage silk line. The silky smooth drag system gives a sweet purr on retrieve. Another quality English-made reel that be a nice match for your 8,’ 8.5’, and 9’ bamboo rods. $475 SALE $425

Orvis Battenkill IV & Extra Spool ~ 3 1/2"

LHW/RHW ~ EXC- ~ This early light weight classic was made for Orvis by Hardy and features an attractive grey finish, ventilated spool and back plate, 2-screw quick-release latch cover, adjustable drag tensioner and black knob. There is some rub marks and edge wear. The reel is mechanically perfect with tight spool and sound spring and pawl drag and is presently set up for RHW but will easily convert to LHW, if desired. It comes in a new suede leather dual zippered case. These reels look great on bamboo and glass rods….if you can find one. $250 SALE $195 **Sale Pending**

Pflueger Medalist No. 1495 ½ ~ 3 5/8”

RHW ~ EXC- ~ The classic design on of the Medalist can be seen on bamboo rods by enthusiasts worldwide. This classic reel features a ventilated frame and silver-trimmed spool, 2-screw foot, diamolite line guard, ivorine knob with alloy post, ivorine drag adjuster, and ivorine 2-screw quick release latch cover. It’s mechanically smooth and tight with that hallmark Pflueger sound audible on the retrieve. There is normal to heavy frame and rim wear. This classic reel, proudly made in Akron, OH, USA, would complement any bamboo, glass, or graphite rod nicely. $59 SALE $39

Cortland CLX IV ~ 4"

Cortland CLX IV ~ 4” ~ RHW/LHW ~ EXC+ ~ This salmon/big quarry reel was made in Argentina for Cortland by STH and features a durable black epoxy finish, ventilated spool, adjustable drag regulator, twin sides sliver line guard, 2-screw black foot, 2-screw quick release latch plate cover, and black knob with silver counterbalance. CLX Reels were made with a stainless steel spindle and an interchangeable cassette system designed for quick line changes at an economical price. The drag system features a large friction plate for smooth fightin’ control and covered drag pad for extra drag. This reel is mechanically perfect and shows signs of limited use only. It can be converted for use as a LHW or RHW reel (presently set up for LHW) and comes loaded with a new 9 wt. line and backing. $69

Cortland Magnum Disk 140D ~ 4"

RHW/LHW ~ EXC+ ~ This salmon/big quarry disc drag reel was likely made in England for Cortland by BFR and features a gun metal gray frame, ventilated spool, adjustable drag regulator, twin sides sliver line guard, 2-screw silver foot, 2-screw quick release latch plate cover, and black knob with silver counterbalance. This reel is mechanically perfect and shows signs of limited use only. It can be converted for use as a LHW or RHW reel (presently set up for LHW) and comes loaded with a new 10 wt. line and backing. $69

Ross Canyon BG-5 & Extra Spool ~ 4"

LHW/RHW ~ EXC ~ 9 to 11 wt lines ~ From Ross: “After years of intensive research and development, Ross arrived at a design that has proven to be one of the finest saltwater reels ever produced. The Canyon Big Game reel features a space-age polymer composite drag material that consistently outperforms every other material tested. In both static (dead lift) and dynamic (full-drag rotation) testing, the Ross drag system outperformed the drag materials in every competitive reel tested by a minimum of 25%. The drag system in Canyon Big Game series is smoother and more consistent than the conventional cork drag systems tested. Heavy drag loads, extreme cold, extreme heat and submersion in water all degraded the drag performance and drag consistency of the cork drag systems. The Canyon Big Game series experiences no loss in performance when exposed to the same challenging elements. This incredible success is the result of a revolutionary drag system that is totally corrosion resistant, uses no springs that are easily lost or rusted and has quadruple redundancy. This redundancy provides three backup systems within the drag to ensure dependability under the most demanding fishing conditions. The Canyon Big Game series has over six square inches of effective drag surface - more drag area than any competitive reel. Set at maximum drag, the Canyon accomplished a dead lift weight of 13.5 pounds - three times the effective drag of every cork drag reel tested. A reel is only as good as its drag, and when it comes to blistering hot runs from heavyweight fish, a reel must be built to take serious abuse. When tested against a cork drag reel, the Canyon excelled at heat dissipation. In fact, following a heavy load speed test with both reels, the cork drag system generated heat that could be felt through the spool before any noticeable heat could be measured through the Canyon Big Game's frame. Saltwater reels are exposed to some of the harshest elements known to man. Keeping any fly reel free of salt and debris in surfcasting or flats wading conditions is an impossible task. In the Canyon Ross developed a system that can easily be restored to 100% performance following contamination. Simply removing the frame from the spool and vigorously rinsing the two pieces in water will return the Canyon Big Game to full working condition. The cork drag reels require more extensive cleaning and service after being exposed to these conditions. Ross has designed a spool release system that combines the best features of locking and quick release spools. The system is absolutely secure, eliminating any worries about the spool separating from the frame when exposed to heavy stress. However, unlike many big game reels on the market today, the spool can be quickly removed from the frame to facilitate line changing, freshwater flushing, retrieve conversion, etc.” The reel is currently set up for RHW and comes with the original box, original neoprene case with old school Ross labeling, operating instructions & specifications. The extra spool comes in tis original box (backing on the extra spool has been removed). Enjoy! $295 SALE $199 **Sale Pending**

Current Inventory of Fly Fishing Miscellany

Tip Tube ~ 37 1/8"

EXC- ~ This metal tip tube would be perfect for the storage of 2 tip sections from up to a 9' ~ 3/2 rod. $29 SALE $19

D.H. Thompson Model “A” Vise

EXC+ ~ This original vise brings back memories of yeseteryear The Thompson Model A was a vise chosen by more tyers than any other in the world. It’s classic single action cam adjustment feature is easy to use. It somes in its original box with alligator clip attachment. This one has very low milegage and would look great on any bench. $99 SALE $59

**SOLD** Orvis Minimalist Tech Vest

OSFA ~ EXC+  Sweet lightweight adjustable vest with 6 zippered storage compartments and two roomy mesh pockets in front and 2 zippered storage compartments in the back. SOLD


Orvis Camo Sling

OSFA ~ EXC+ ~ For those lookin to lighten the load this camo sling could be ticket.  Roomy top load zippered compartment, zip down workstation compartment with removable fly patch and floatant/miscellany compartment.  Fully adjustable. $39

Patagonia Stretch Wader Belt

New ~ Polyester stretch wading belt (same belts that came with Patagonia® waders) features a low-profile, quick-release stealth buckle. 1 left. $29 SALE $15

Simms Fly Vest

Large ~ Used ~ This sweet vest from Simms Jackson Hole era features attractive tan material, comfortable stretch shoulders, 11 exterior pockets, 5 interior pockets and larger rear cargo pocket. This is a sweet vest from yesteryear that has me thinking about ditching my chest pak! $69 SALE $35

**SOLD** Umpqua Guide ZS Wader Belt

Measures: 25"W x 5"H ~ OSFA ~ NEW ~ From the maker “Support and comfort, of course—plus extra organization and carrying capacity. The Umpqua Guide ZS Wader Belt not only holds up your water knickers, but also carries your net and a few other accessories of your choosing. And because it's streamlined with ZeroSweep™ (ZS) snagless technology, the extra functionality is just icing on the cake. Features "reverse" belt cinching for secure closure and extra back support, 2 ZS accessory ports, ZS net station with attachment loops and extra-wide opening for stowing your net quickly after use. Made of 420-denier nylon with Ballistic Cordura® reinforcement in high-wear locations. The ZeroSweep™ concept is simple: Ultra efficiency plus no tangles means more quality time fishing. Based on military technology, ZS Series gear eliminates snag points while providing easy access to all the tools you use most often. With ZS, nippers and hemostats no longer dangle, retractors and buckles won't catch your line, and there's an intelligent, easy-to-reach place for everything you need while fishing. This unique system of ports and attachment points makes all your accessories snag-free, yet still fingertip-accessible. Retractors are positioned inside on hypalon tabs and threaded through ports where tools nestle snag-free; closed-foot zipper slides and pulls, along with external fly patches, have been radically streamlined to resist snagging; and all buckles reside inside flat web loops, where your line can't catch on them. So you can just keep fishing, while others mutter expletives.” Retails for $50. SOLD


Umpqua Overlook ZS Chest Pack

OSFA ~ Olive ~ As New ~ From the maker: "Neck strain and visibility are always a compromise with chest packs. The Overlook resolves both with a 4 point harness attachment and sleek tapered face. And with this kit you can choose from two back options a flat mesh back and a full 550 cubic inch back with net holster And all of the great ZeroSweep features come along for the ride. Two ZS retractor stations great for nipper and floatant attachment, ambidextrous hemostat station, foam fly patch and tippet holder cover all your key accessories.  ZS2 version now includes a molle modular attachment station allowing integration with ZS2 accessories. Two stretch mesh pockets round out the storage possibilities. FEATURES: 4 Point harness attachment for all day comfort, 2x Zs Retractor Stations with hypalon attachment bands, 2x ZS Hemostat Grab Tabs, ambidextrous ZS Foam Fly Patch Station includes foam patch ZS Cord Tippet Holder that is stowable when not in use, Molle Modular Attachment station compatible with the ZS2 accessories, ZS2 Foam Fly Patch, ZS2 Gel Floatant Holder, ZS2 Shimi Shake Floatant Holder, ZS2 Tippet Holder, ZS2 Net Holder Closed foot zipper sliders to minimize line snags, and YKK zippers. Capacity 500 cubic in."  Retails for $129... Your's, as new for... $65 **Sale Pending**

Umpqua 600ZS Sling

OSFA ~ As New ~ From the maker: "The Umpqua Switch 600 ZS Sling Pack can be converted to fit over either shoulder by simply flipping the strap over the top of the bag. This streamlined pack is incredibly comfortable and the smooth exterior keeps it from snagging your fly line. ZeroSweep functionality keeps your nippers, pliers, forceps, flies and tippet conveniently right where you need them. FEATURES:  Fully padded, ambidextrous shoulder pad with fly patch, ZeroSweep™ One nipper station/port, two tool sheaths, removable stabilizer strap with Zerosweep™ buckle, one stowable cord tippet holder. Main compartment holds four large fly boxes, internal floating box divider to keep multiple boxes in place, internal key clip. Flat external pocket s divided for leader/accessory/storage. D-ring for net attachment.  This sling retails for $99.  Your's for... $49

Umpqua Surveyor 2000 ZS Backpack

OSFA ~ EXC ~ From the maker: "A fully zipped, clam-shell opening allows quick access and easy access to the entire main compartment. You'll no longer have to dig from the top down to find items in the bottom of your pack. The new Surveyor 2000 ZS has a completely re-built suspended back-panel that incorporates the same injection-molded frame-sheet in our Ledges ZS Waist Packs. This lower back support allows weight to be transferred to the waist and taken off the shoulders. And to top it off, the Surveyor ZS integrates with the Rock Creek ZS Compact Chest Pack, the Overlook 500 ZS Chest Pack and the Swift water ZS Tech Vest." Retails for $179.  Your's, lightly used for...$95

Umpqua Swiftwater ZS Tech Vest

OSFA ~ EXC+ ~From the maker: "Size: OSFM
Product Brand Logo
The Umpqua® Swiftwater™ ZS Tech Vest keeps all your essential fly-fishing gear organized and readily accessible. The ZS (Zero Sweep™) Tech Vest features 2 full-length, vertical zippers which provide access to left and right front compartments that hold two large fly boxes each (4 boxes total). Back-compartment is equal to a full day pack, with 800 cubic inches of storage space for large fly boxes, rain gear, or lunch. Vest is equipped with 4 internal Hypalon retractor tabs, 4 zero sweep™ nipper stations, 2 tool sheaths, 2 foam fly-patch stations (includes 1 patch) and 2 corded tippet holders. A D-ring and web loops allow net attachment; and an internal key clip keep vehicle keys safe. Fully adjustable and cushioned waist belt and shoulder straps eliminate the neck fatigue that's common with heavy frontal boxes. The Swiftwater ZS Tech Vest is constructed of 420-denier nylon with ballistic Cordura® at high-wear areas, and YKK zippers."  Retails for $169.  Wanna save a C-note?... $69

Current Inventory of Sporting Literature

Bamboo Rod Restoration Handbook ~ Michael Sinclair

SB/1994 ~ EXC $75

A Modern Dry-Fly Code ~ Vincent Marinaro

PB/1970 w/ color plated ~ EXC ~ $15 SALE $9 **Sale Pending**

*****More Books! *****

- The Best of Babcock ~ Babcock, 1974, HB $19
- Moss, Mallads & Mules ~ Brister, 1969, HB $19
- Once Upon A Time ~ Buckingham, 1992, HB $75
- Mr. Buck ~ Buckingham, 1990 HB $49
- Death in the Long Grass ~ Capstick, 1977, HB $19
- Duck Shooting Along the Atlantic Tidewater ~ Connett, HB $12
- Hollica Snooze ~ Cook, No. 476 of 500, Leather, Slipcased $75
- The Grand Passage ~ Countrysport Press, 1990, HB $19
- Dabbleers & Divers ~ Ducks Unlimited, 1996, HB $12
- Windward Crossings ~ Ducks Unlimited, 1998, HB $19
- Panther ~ Ducks Unlimited, 2003, HB $12
- The Art of the Decoy ~ Earnest, HB $19
- The Best Of Corey Ford, 1975, HB $29
- Flights on the Wind ~ Gray/Smith, 2003, HB $12
- Supreme Duck Shooting Stories ~ Hazelton, 1989, HB $35
- Tears & Laughter ~ Hill, 1981, HB $29
- Mostly Tailfeathers ~ Hill, 1975, HB $29
- Sunlight and Shadows ~ Hill, 1990, HB $25
- A Listening Walk ~ Hill, 1985, HB $19
- Outdoor Yarns and Outright Lines ~ Hill/Smith, 1983, HB $19
- The Hardscrabble Chronicles ~ Morrow, 2002, HB $9
- Sporting Etchings ~ Ripley/Lamb, 1970, HB $49
- Use Enough Gun ~ Ruark, Safari Press, HB $49
- The Lost Classics of Robert Ruark, 1996, HB **Sale Pending**
- The Duck-Huntingest Gentleman ~ Russell, 1980, HB $10
- The Fly-Fishingest Gentleman ~ Russell, 1986, HB $10
- For Whom The Ducks Toll ~ Russell, 1984, HB $12
- Drummer In The Woods ~ Spiller, 1980, HB $39
- Waterfowling on the Chesapeke ~ Sullivan, 2003, HB $19
- The Part I Remember ~ Waterman, 1974, HB $19
- Autumn Passages ~ Willow Creek Press, 1995, HB $9