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• (M) Mint - Appears to be unused/brand new in original bag and tube
• (NM) Near Mint or As New - As above with minor exceptions which are noted
• (EXC) Excellent - Shows signs of light to medium use
• (VG) Very Good - Shows signs of normal use
• (G) Good - Shows signs of heavy use. May be fishable as is, but likely needs work
• (F) Fair - Needs work prior to being fished
• (RS) Restored - Original hardware/specifications were used
• (RF) Refinished - Non-original hardware and/or specifications were used

Other Abbreviations:

• C&R - Cap & Ring
• D/L'ing - Down Locking
• HK - Hook Keeper
• N/S - Nickel Silver
• S/B - Slide Band
• U/L'ing - Up Locking
• WC - Winding Check


The following rods are available for purchase (unless noted otherwise in the description). The rods are listed by length first, then alphabetically by maker. A sale pending tag denotes that an agreement to purchase the item has been reached, but the sale may not yet have been completed.

SOLD J.W. Haynie ~ 6.5' ~ 2/2 ~ 2.8 oz. ~ 4wt. ~ New ~ Jim Haynie is a retired gunsmith who spent nearly a quarter of a century specializing in stocking and engraving double barrel shot guns and sporting rifles. He proudly served his country (2 tours in Vietnam) and is also a retired 1st Sergeant in the United States Army. Once retired, he building bamboo fly rods, using George Maurer’s fine book as a his guide. This rod (actually measures 6’ 6 ½” when assembled) features attractive light honey-toned cane with lightly swelled butt, rose silks tipped black, agate stripper housed in a silver frame, chrome snakes and tip tops, N/S ferrules and a marine grade urethane spar varnish finish. These rods may have a flaw or two such as a glue line seam that are cosmetic in nature. The ferrules do not give an auditory pop. I also noted that tip #2 will spin while seated. The business end of the butt section is fitted with an attractive wicker grip with turned spruce or cedar undercore, nicely figured marblewood seat with machined aluminum D/L’ing cap and ring hardware, WC and HK loop. The rod is sans bag or tube. The medium-fast action will throw a tight loop, for me best with a Cortland 444 Peach WF-4 and will also easily handle a 3 if desired. This is a nicely appointed rod, made in the USA that is priced to sell.

SOLD Edwards Quad #425 Spinning Rod ~ 7' ~ 2/1 ~ 4 5/8 oz. EXC- (exception noted) For those who like to throw Mepps and Panther Martins, this high quality quad from Mt. Carmel, CT is a must have in your arsenal. It features carmel-colored cane, bronze-brown silks tipped in gold, bridged guides and smooth-fitting N/S ferrules that give a nice pop when separated, and nicely-executed varnish finish. The tip section is fractured between the ferrule station and first guide, as shown in the photos. Black electrical tape is present at the bottom of the straight grip. The rod has the hallmark black Edwards pyralin winding check. It comes with the original blue 2-compartment bag and original Mt. Carmel-issue aluminum tube with partial label still intact. Quad spinning rods of this quality and vintage don’t show up too often. Because of the aforementioned fracture…

SOLD Orvis Heavy Duty Spinning ~ 7’~ 2/1 ~ 6 3/42 oz. ~ Serial No. 259303 ~ VG ~ For those who still love to toss Mepps and Panther Martins with classic Orvis tackle, this offering is for you! Quality crafted in 1959 by two of Orvis’ best craftsmen, Mrsr. Skinner and Reid, and featuring richly hued impregnated shafts, fine Orvis furnishings wrapped in Orvis brown silk, smooth and tight fitting N/S ferrules that give a solid pop when separated, straight cork grip fitted with a metal seat and U/L’ing screw and slide hood hardware. The rod comes with green bag and original aluminum tube with the early Charles F. Orvis CO. paper label still approximately 98% intact but sans cap. This early model spin caster will handle your heaviest lures and is a nice find for the Orvis enthusiast.

SOLD South Bend No. 291 ~ 7.5' ~ 4/1 ~ 4.8 oz.~ 5/6wt. ~ VG+ (exceptions noted) ~ This 1940's (post WW-II) pack rod from the midwest tackle giant features medium blonde shafts wrapped in olive silks tipped red, mildrum stripper, hardened steel snakes and tip-top, standard-issue SB plated ferrules that give a soft pop when separated and a sound varnish finish that has a few bag marks that could easily be rubbed out if desired. The business end of the butt section is fitted with SB’s Comficient grip, D/L’ing screw and slide hood seat with rootbeer spacer, exposed WC and folding ring HK. The acetate label is 95% intact on the butt section. The rod comes with the original properly labeled bag, original labeled red fiber tube, and an aluminum tube. The sections are not arrow straight (as is the case with just about every 291 I've seen) and the rod has a an overall set. Nonetheless, this medium-action pack rod is perfect to hit the trails with and throws a nice Line, for me best with a Cortland 44 Peach DT-5. And the price ain’t too bad either!

SOLD WM Granger Special Fly/Spin ~ 8’~ 3/2 ~ EXC+ ~ This Rocky Mountain fly/spin features WM-issue cane with swelled butt, 3x3 nodes, Granger green silks, chrome guides, smooth and tight fitting N/S ferrules give a solid pop upon separation, and a nicely-executed varnish finish. The business end of the butt section is fitted with a full wells grip, metal seat with screw U/L’ing hardware on an independent handle that can be flipped for fly or spin use. The rod comes with a tan bag and cardboard tube. This is a cool “dual-use” wand will toss a size 12 Adams or a Mepps #3

SOLD Weber Americast Set ~ 8.5’ ~ 3/2 ~ 6.8oz. ~ 7/8wt. ~ VG- (exceptions noted) ~ This cool set from Stevens Point features richly-hued cane with swelled butt, jet black wraps with ruby red accents wraps and black hardware and crazed varnish that has some nick and bag marks. The mid-section is 2.5” short and the rod has an overall set and a faint ferrule click. The rod comes stored in its original tattered bag inside a green metal case packed with original accoutrements including the famous Weber Henshall No 104 bakelite reel with green handle loaded with matching green nylon line set up for RHW, 6-compartment popper box each with a pooper, complete set of King Neptune poppers, Weber metal cork-lined fly box, Weber fly dressing, 2 leader wallets, and original silent click to regular click drag conversion kit. This set is a cool blast from the past and nice find for the Weber enthusiast.

SOLD Shakespeare A13057-9 ~ 9' ~ 3/2 ~ 5.8 oz. ~ 6wt. ~ VG (exceptions noted) ~ This post WW-II rod from the Kalamazoo, Michigan tackle giant was known as the Triumph and was one of their higher grade rods. It features flamed cane that was most likely supplied by South Bend, green wraps tipped white (aging has changed their appearance), chrome mildrum stripper, hardened steel snakes and tip tops, chrome-plated N/S ferrules give a nice pop when separated and a solid varnish finish that has some nicks and dings The butt section is fitted with a half-Wells cork grip, green “snaplock” seat, exposed WC and folding ring HK. A green and gold Shakespeare Honor Built Honor Sold Made in the U.S.A. acetate label is 100% intact on the butt which further dates the rod to a post WW-II date of manufacture. It comes with a green bag with 27332 stamped in black ink and an illegible partial label and an era-correct aluminum tube. The rod has a very pleasant medium action that has an affinity for a Cortland 444 Peach WF-6. This would be a good candidate for an off-season restoration. At a minimum, the tips need to be straightened, the reel seat needs to be re-glued on its station, and 2 snake guides need to be replaced on the mid-section. Priced accordingly.

SOLD South Bend 359 ~ 9' ~ 3/2 ~ 5.5 oz. ~ 6 wt. ~ EXC- (exceptions noted) ~ The 359 was widely regarded as one of South Bend’s best dry fly tapers. This 1940's (post WW-II) classic features lightly flamed cane, root beer silks, red agate stripper, hardened steel snakes & tip-tops, typical SB plated ferrules and a solid varnish finish. The female ferrule on the mid-section is loose and needs to be reset. The tips have sets and one of the tip-tip guides needs to be replaced. The business end of the butt section is fitted with the ventilated comficient grip (with gold foil label 100% intact), bronze U/L'ing butt cap screw seat, exposed WC, and folding-ring HK. The set comes with the original labeled bag and is sans tube. The comfortable medium action tosses a fine loop and the rod would cover most trout fishing situations. This is a solid rod in need of minor attention and a super find for a handyman or novice restorationist.

SOLD Montague Trail ~ 9.5' ~ 3/2 ~ 6.2 oz. 6/7 wt. ~ EXC- (exception noted)~ The Trail was one of Montague’s highest grade rods, behind the Manitou and Red Wing. The label on this classic production rod indicates that it was built between 1939 and 1949. It features flamed cane, old gold wraps tipped red, with full intermediates and is believed to remain in original condition. Furnishings include, a red agate stripper, hardened steel snakes, one hardened steel tip top and one agate tip top (made that way), tight fitting N/S ferrules that give a resounding pop when separated, and a solid varnish finish that is beginning to soften. A snake guide wrap on one of the feet is missing on the mid-section. The business end of the butt section is fitted with a comfortable wells grip, full metal seat with D/L'ing cap and ring, exposed black WC, and folding ring HK. The rod comes with what is believed to be the original tan canvas bag and an aluminum tube sans label. The deliberate medium-slow action will throw a lot of line in the hands of the patience caster with an affinity for a Cortland Sylk DT-7. This a quality production rod from the famous East coast maker and a great value for the budget-minded angler.


These karma-laden historic split cane rods are perfect decorations for your office or trout room. They would also make good "practice rods" for the hobbyist and novice restorationist. They may be missing a few guides or wraps, but you won't find them for less at your local "Anitque & Junque" shop. Past rods have included rods from Shakespeare, South Bend, Horrocks Ibbotson, Montague, Milwards and others. Prices generally range from $25 to $50. There are currently several in stock. Availabilty varies and they usually sell fast so inquire quickly. Please don't hesitate to call (616) 884-5626 or email for more information.

SOLD Horrocks Ibbotson "Lucky Ace" ~ 8' ~ 3/1 ~ Will look good on the wall of your cabin, trout room or man cave and will also make a nice practice rod candidate for the hobbyist/restorer.

SOLD Shakespeare Model 1300 ~ 8.5' ~ 3/1

SOLD South Bend Model 24 ~ 8.5' ~ 3/1 ~ Will look good on the wall of your cabin, trout room or man cave and will also make a nice practice rod candidate for the hobbyist/restorer.


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